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PSRF Shark Image Library

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Benthic Sharks
Photographed from "Pelagic I" the Monterey Bay Aquarium releases "Emma" the 11' ft long 7-gill shark that was on display between 1990 and 1994.' "Emma" was tracked for several hours with a hydrophone from "Pelagic I". Emma was recaptured in 1996 with the PSRF tag still in place.
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Tagged sevengill shark just before release.
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In this photo a charter boat deckhand manhandles a female 7-gill shark that was landed by sportsmen. The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation actively encourages sport anglers to "catch and release" sharks that they don't intend to eat. The Foundation also educates anglers in the proper methods and procedures for releasing hooked sharks and fish. The PSRF also supports the California Dept of Fish and Game's Tag and Release Program. The gentleman depicted mocks the attitude of many "sportsmen" who see themselves as some kind dragon slayers out to save the earth from the dreaded prehistoric super predators that we know as sharks. While the average shark is neither menacing nor glamorous there are those knuckle dragging types who just cannot reign in their typical bi-pedal primate compulsions. While many humans exhibit the "human all too human" predilection for fire, death, and destruction; many are acquiring an actual place in history time and space and realize that the world is not flat and there are limits to the numbers of bisons, whales, curlews, sharks etc. Beware the evil fire using bi-pedal primates that throw things. May the best species win.
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The Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor (home of PSRF).
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A humpback whale pays us an early morning visit while we were sampling blue sharks off of Davenport Ca aboard "Pelagic II" Nov, 1995.
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PSRF Director Sean Van Sommeran prepares to release a tagged seven-gill shark, Notorynchus cepedianus during an excursion upon the San Francisco bay. Seven-gill sharks are a principal benthic predator of the S.F bay and the PSRF is looking to gain insights into this creature's movements, range and distribution. Sohst/PSRF
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