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Filetail Catshark - Parmaturus Xaniurus

Filetails are easily recognized by the rows of outsized and rough scales that cover the leading edge of the upper caudal fin. The inside of the mouth is pale while the dorsal surface is a grayish brown with a lighter underside. Reaches 24 inches long.
The peppered shark also has a rough leading edge to its upper caudal but the inside of its mouth is dark gray. A common species in deeper waters off of California and the Monterey bay. Travels in gender segregated schools of thousands. Common bycatch for black cod long-liners and drag boats. Filetails are yet another example of a poorly studied shark of which little is known. They appear to feed on small squid, octopus, and crustaceans. Development is oviparous. Filetails reach maturity at about 16" inches. Egg cases are a tan color.

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