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PSRF In the News
Here are some examples the PSRF on national television.
Unfortunately, we do not have enough bandwidth to provide video clips.

Discovery Channel:

Dirty Jobs: Shark and ray researcher and concrete finisher
Show Title: Concrete Finisher

Premiered: Feb. 2, 2010
Watch on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XPOFY2wzLc


Jaws of the Pacific:
Tracking the White Shark

Jeff Kurr / Shark Productions.
60 min.

Air Jaws II:
White Shark Behavior Study-
Africa, California, Australia

Jeff Kurr / Shark Productions.
60 min.

Sharks of the Red Triangle.
Horten and Associates.
60 min.

Sharks, Myth and Reality.
Time Glass Productions.
60 min.

Sharks, the silent hunters.
Bill Burred Productions.

BBC (British Broadcasting Corp.)

Blue Planet: Orca
Moana Productions.
60 min.

Animal Planet

Jeff Corwin Experience
60 min.

National Geographic Television

Tag Deployed: Tracking the Pacific White Shark
Julie Robinson / Robinson-Sullivan Productions / MSNBC
60 min.

Great White, Deep Trouble: Tracking the White Shark
John Francis / MSNBC
60 min.

Also appeared in National Geographic magazine, Oct 1996. Basking sharks.

Cable News Network (CNN):

July 1997
El Niņo brings rare creatures nearer to shore, farther north then usual.
Mako sharks in Monterey Bay, Marlins off Washington.

January 1996
White sharks granted federal protection within Monterey Bay.
Chumming for white sharks banned.

July 1995
Monterey Bay Aquarium releases star attraction.
11 foot long shark " Emma" is released and tracked with a transmitter.

July 1994
Researchers and environmentalists protest shark "Archery" derby in California.
Huge uproar over controversial shark hunt.

March 1994
California Sport Divers Chum for white Sharks.
Researchers, locals upset.

January 1994
White shark declared a protected species in California waters
Governor Wilson passes Assembly Bill 522.

July 1993
Sport catch limits for sharks imposed in California waters.
No longer open season for misunderstood predators.

May 1992
Killer Whales attack gray whales in Monterey Bay
Researchers video tape the attacks for first time.

Dec 1990
Basking Sharks in Monterey Bay.
World record number of basking sharks tagged.

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