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February 2010

Santa Cruz County Community Assessment Project Comprehensive Report Year 15, 2009

Applied Survey Research, 2009

2009 Community Goals & Heroes

The CAP has annually honored community heroes, special individuals whose efforts help move Santa Cruz County toward the achievement of the community goals. These true-life heroes can be found throughout the community and are wonderful examples of making Santa Cruz County a better place to live.

A special thank you goes to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, our local newspaper, for sponsoring the selection of the annual Community Heroes. Each year the Santa Cruz Sentinel, in association with the United Way, seeks nominations from the public of people who have worked toward meeting the CAP community goals in the past year.

Front Row (left to right): Sherry Lee Bryan, Roberta McPherson, Kathryn Fahl, Linda Proudfoot Second Row: Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston, Sean Van Sommeran (Surfrider), Kelly Vander Kaay (Surfrider), Cheryl Ferguson (Surfrider), Dustin Macdonald (Surfrider) Third Row: Dr. Nanette Mickiewicz, Lindsay Steigner (Families Together), Deborah Vitullo (Families Together), Vivian Fenner-Evans (Families Together), Rose Flores (Families Together), Yolanda Minoz (Families Together), Pola Espinoza, Carolyn Coleman Fourth Row: Stephen LaBerge, Lilia Arana (Families Together), Marisol Bejar (Families Together), Teresa Diaz (Families Together), Sara Smith (Families Together), Pamela Nell (Families Together) Fifth Row: Michele LaBerge, Tonée Picard (Bay Federal Credit Union), Dana Sales (Bay Federal Credit Union), Caroline Currie, Crystal Dunniway Sixth Row: Terry Corwin, Preston “Boom” Boomer, Raquel Ramírez Ruiz, Maggie Muir, Jody Cramer Not pictured: Dr. Larry deGhetaldi, Leonie Sherman

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