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Santa Cruz Sentinel
March 12, 2004

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Shark research expert awarded fellowship

Sean R. Van Sommeran, executive director of the Santa Cruz-based Pelagic Shark Research Foundation, has been awarded a fellowship with the Conservation Science Institute in recognition for his efforts and accomplishments in the field of marine conservation and research.

The fellowship will provide research support and networking opportunities for the independent research group, and its various research and monitoring studies focused on elsamobranchs (sharks and rays) of the Monterey Bay and Eastern Pacific Ocean.

Van Sommeran has served as PSRF’s executive director since he established the organization in 1990. He has been a wildlife consultant for several TV networks and received a World Wildlife Fund "innovations" award in 1996.

Founded in 1994, the Conservation Science Institute, which includes a Santa Cruz branch, is a think-tank and research organization whose goals include resolving emerging ecological and environmental dilemmas.

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